Things young people have said about their counselling at Castlegate:

  • “I am quite a shy person (I was especially shy when I had my First Contact). It was a bit scary at first but I soon felt more comfortable as the person I saw was very kind and understanding”
  • “I was made to feel welcome and that I would be listened to with care and without judgement. I felt I’d found someone who I could safely talk about my problems with”
  • “...helped me unravel some complex concerns”
  • “It gives you a chance to understand yourself better, open up and work through the problem.”
  • “Talking to someone who is not involved in your life with no opinions on how you feel/what you do, makes it easier to talk about your problems.”
  • “Talking to an impartial person helps to put problems into perspective”
  • “The counselling sessions target the root problem and enable you to become more self aware”
  • “The experience helped me to work through lots of issues I had not previously shared and learn new skills to deal with future situations”
  • “My head is less troubled with the traumas, worries and stress I was holding. I feel more in the present, and more equipped to deal with any future problems from the work I have done here”

  • “ helped me a lot to take some time each week to reflect and helped me identify and deal with my feelings better.”